Loglines, Part 2

I’m enjoying my annual visit to the fabulous Austin Film Festival. It’s an amazing event and I have already had the good fortune to hang out with Roger Corman (“Little Shop of Horrors”,  “The Fast and the Furious”) JV Hart (“Hook”, “Dracula), Alvaro Rodriguez, and Lindsay Doran… and this is only the second day.

Everywhere I go I’m reminded of the necessity of being able to describe your projects in a compelling and efficient way. At this festival you literally get asked what you’re working on ten times an hour. Yes, I am harping on loglines again.

I walked home from a dinner last night with a very famous director. While we were eating he had received an email from his agent asking him to read a script. The first thing he said was, “Let’s see what the logline is”.  He read it to us and everyone at the table chimed in with their evaluation of the logline. Some liked it, some didn’t.

When we were alone I asked him his thoughts. He said, “It didn’t make me laugh OR cry, so I don’t think I’ll read it”. Due to a sloppy logline the writer blew his big chance and he’ll never know why.

Write good loglines folks. Slave over them. Craft them. Ponder, perseverate, polish!!! They are crucial to getting your project made.

You’re welcome.

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