A Sample Film Proposal

Below is a copy of a brief proposal I wrote for a script I’ve written. Proposals can vary greatly and the producer I was working with was very specific in what she wanted.



Genre/Format: Faith Based/Family Comedy

Writer: Heather Hughes and Kate Wharton

Producers: None attached

Director: None attached

Cast Commitments: None attached

Targeted Schedule: 28 shooting days

Targeted Location: Seattle

Distribution & Sales Commitments: Talks with Purefix

Target Budget: $2M

Financial Model: Washington State’s incentive program returns 30% of qualified instate spending.

Logline/Pitch A wise cracking, homeless, 12-year-old, is furious when her long lost uncle “rescues” her. In an attempt to return to the life she loves, she works tirelessly to sabotage his efforts to rebuild a small town church.

Awards: Kairos Prize – Templeton Foundation, Nashville Film Festival, finalist Family Films, Austin Film Festival semi-finalist.

Synopsis: Addie, a street-smart, 12-year-old, is content living in a nursing home closet with the three old people she loves. They hide her existence from the staff, and provide her a home, while Addie, uses her wise cracking savvy to bring them little luxuries and much needed laughter into their dreary nursing home world

Furious when her long lost uncle, Scott, “rescues” her, Addie is forced to leave her beloved old friends and relocate to a remote logging town where Scott has been sent to revive a dying, small town church before Christmas.

Addie works tirelessly to sabotage his efforts to restore the tiny church in the mistaken belief that, if he fails, she will be free to return to her former life. When she learns this isn’t the case her naïve attempts to help him are almost as disastrous as her initial efforts.

As the fateful Christmas Eve service approaches they both work in harmony for the first time, preparing the little church for the big night. With the church decorated and perfect Addie and Scott have finally come to appreciate each other and Addie has found her own unique understanding of God. But, just at that moment, a disaster ruins the church.

When Addie decides to use her old street smart, take charge attitude to rescue the night, a string of unexpected Christmas miracles rain down on Addie and everyone she knows.

Contact: Gayla Nethercott


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