Film Proposals

What is the purpose of a Film Proposal?

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A film proposal and wedding proposal are very much alike!

A film proposal and wedding proposal are much alike. You’re trying to get someone to commit to you based on the good impresson you’ve created.

Film Proposals are essientally a business plan that you prepare for investors, producers and talent.

What is included in a Film Proposal?

    1. Film Synopsis

The introduction or synopsis is the most critical element of your film proposal. It tells how compelling the project is and reveals how passionate the filmmaker is. If your synopsis is dynamic and is strategically placed, it will remain active in the readers mind.

    1. The Logline

      If you speak to a producer, director or agent, that person will ask you: What is your script about? This is your Logline. You will have 30 seconds to describe the plot in a captivating way and be able to state the main concept of your story in one concise sentence. Would your logline as it is written make the reader laugh or cry?

    2. Screenplay Structure

      This is a visual industry and the person reading your film proposal needs to visualize your story, here you will give a brief summary of each scene that includes pictures. Screenplays are organized into a 3-act structure.

    3. Characters

      Describe the characters in detail and why their experience is important to your film.

    4. Film Treatment

      This part of the film proposal should read like a short story and be written in the present tense. The film treatment presents the entire story including the ending, and use some key scenes and dialogue from the screenplay it is based on. It is more detailed than the synopsis.

    5. Production Crew

      Include brief biographies of your key crew (e.g Producer, Director, Writer, Director of Photography, Sound Editor, etc). Include information that shows their experience in your type of film and why they are beneficial to the project. The stronger your crew is, the more likely your project will get funded.

    6. Look Book

      Also called a Mood Board, creates a visual representation of the ambiance of your film giving the reader a feeling of what your film will look like. It tells the story of your film in pictures.

    7. Target Audience

    8. Abbreviated Budget

      Add the top sheet created in your Film Budget that shows your proposed expenses and income in abbreviated form.

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